My Kids Eat Crayons turned 3 today!

My Kids Eat Crayons turned 3 today!

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Emerald Earring Giveaway: WINNER!


Congratulations to Sheila Devereaux!!! Thank you all for participating- more giveaways to come! HAPPY SPRING

Yay! Thank you, Linda!



This is a picture of my littlest at Sesame Place.  This face summarizes their love for the characters!  The Justin Beiber of the toddler-preschool age! ;)

I LOVE all things Jim Henson.  No seriously…it’s kind of ridiculous.

The Muppets.  Labyrinth. The Dark Crystal. Tales from Muppetland…and most of all, Sesame Street.  Jim Henson made the idea come to life.  NO ONE could’ve done a better job.  

The show has been on for FORTY years! 118 Emmy awards?!  I CRY (from laughter and sentiment) whenever I see clips from my childhood.  One of my favorite conversations is discussing favorite or memorable Sesame Street clips.  

It still holds up.  My girls love it, too!  I watch.  Still fascinated.  Still hilarious.  Even as an adult!

It’s a WORLDWIDE thing.  It reaches kids.  My favorite is that it’s now airing in Afghanistan! Reaching a crowd of children recovering from a war!  There really is nothing like having a show that fosters a love of learning and comforts by sharing stories of other children like you.

What was/is YOUR favorite Sesame Street clip? 


Glowing Green.

I love green smoothies.

Hubby knows that green smoothies are good for him so, he’ll tolerate them.

Littlest chugs green smoothies.

Middlest sips daintily and will finish if I coax her.

Oldest hates the smell of green smoothies.

I feel awesome knowing that I am getting my daily quota of fruits/veggies in a glass!  I’m full for the morning AND notice LOTS of energy when I drink them daily (especially during the afternoon slump!).

This is my favorite recipe (I use frozen pineapple instead of ice)

A reminder that you need to have FUN while in the kitchen when you make green smoothies! (she used fresh pineapple!  See you really can experiment and make it your own!)

P.S.  I know that they recommend the Vitamix.  However, that is WAAAAY out of my price range!  So, I use the OSTER 4093.  I think the key to good blending is making sure you have enough liquid and test out the order that you put things in!  



I’ve read this THREE times since yesterday.

It takes my breath away.

Notes From a Dragon Mom


This neat little link is a nice reminder to take it easy during the day.  Get re-centered.  Just breathe.  Relax.  Do it.  Thanks, Heather!


The younger of the two boys in this post (their Mama’s blog) could use some prayers today.  He is in the hospital after a seizure.  Please, take a moment to think of him today.  


Yay!  Sydney on SKIS!


Conversations With a 3-year-old

Sydney and I had a date to the mall last weekend.  I decided to try on some clothes and she accompanied me into the dressing room for the first time since she was a baby.  I really enjoyed this time because it was my first official “I-have-daughters-so-I-have-life-long-shopping-buddies” moment.

First shirt -

Sydney: Oh, Mommy!  You look like a rockstar*!

Second shirt -

Sydney: Are you going to try on this one?

Mommy: Yes. (tries shirt on)

Sydney: You’re such a fashion girl*!

* I think that these are Katie (our dear friend and neighbor) inspired phrases! LOVE THEM!  

Nothing like your 3-year-old to make you feel like the most stylish of rockstar fashion girls!  I bought both shirts! ;)


Just some photos from the holiday season.  Yeah, yeah…I know it’s Spring.  I’m well aware that I’m a season behind.  You’re lucky I posted them at all!  :D